1. This complaints policy and procedure was drawn up according to the provisions of Act No. 40/1964 Coll., Civil Code, No. 513/1991 Coll., Commercial Code and Act No. 634/1992 Coll., Consumer Protection Act, as amended, and applies to hairdressing services.

2. Taking into consideration the nature of the services provided, it is necessary to file a complaint already while the service is provided. As for services whose defect may turn up later (e.g. perm, hair dyeing or highlighting and the like), it is necessary to file a complaint immediately after the defect is manifested, excluding the intervention of other people. The complaints filed later cannot be taken into account. The complaints about defects to which other people had intervened (e.g. fixing of a service in another saloon or unprofessional home care) cannot be sorted out positively either. The complaint may also be applied to services that had not been provided to the consumer at all due to the operator’s fault, even though consumer ordered them duly and paid for them in advance and he attended their collection within a demonstrably agreed term.

3. The consumer can put to use a legitimate complaint basically in two manners:

  • in writing by e-mail with attached photo documentation
  • personal announcement of complaint and a personal view of the work under complaint
  • delivery address:
  • in person: Salon of Petra Měchurová, Králodvorská 12, Prague 1

4. The person entitled to make a complaint is the consumer, i.e. the person who is a party to the contract for the purchase of services, in order words, the person who duly paid the price for the provided services.

5. The consumer is during submission of complaint obliged to substantiate:

– evidence that the services provided are defective

– a detailed description of the defect

– specification of when and who concretely provided the defective service – eventually any other circumstances and documents essential to deal with the complaint

6. The consumer will be informed about the initiation and course of the complaint procedure within 3 days from the proper exercise of complaint at the latest.

7. The right to claim the warranty vanishes in the following cases:

– defects caused by the specific abnormal physiology of the consumer (e.g. incurred allergies, bruises) – if the consumer wants to complaint about services 7 days after their provision

– improper manipulation and usage contrary to the hairdresser’s instructions for home care,

– if the consumer complains about the service because no one has noticed

– if the consumer complains that he/she is not feeling well in the final colour of his choice

8. In case of a justified complaint, the consumer is entitled to have a free remedy of the service via provision of the same, similar service or by supplementing the service or its fixing. If the Provider is unable to make the remedy according to the previous sentence, the consumer will be offered a financial compensation corresponding to the price of the claimed service, namely in the amount and with respect to the degree the consumer used the service.

9. The deadline to settle the complaint, including the removal of the defect, shall be without undue delay 30 calendar days, unless the Contracting Parties agree otherwise. This period starts on the day the complaint is received. If the time limit is not observed, the consumer has the right to a free re-provision of the defective service or to withdraw from the purchase contract.

10. This complaints policy and procedure applies to all services provided in the saloon Petra Měchurová s.r.o. Králodvorská 12, Prague 1. However, complaints must always be made against a specific service provider.

This complaints and procedure is valid from 1.1.2019. The change of the complaints policy and procedure is reserved. The complaints form is at the saloon’s reception.