A combination of deep care and massage using Kérastase Paris and L´Oréal Professionnel products, suitable for all types of hair and scalps. Our rituals include those focused on the richness and strength of your hair, untamed hair, regeneration of your ends, maximum color effect and its fixation, and more. We will happily provide hair and skin diagnostics to help you choose the right ritual.


Deep care regeneration is a one-off positive shock therapy which provides your hair with perfect care. The mixture is always prepared individually based on the current condition of your hair, and applied during washing.

  • Price: 650 – 3000 CZK

Your hair is your self. Let yourself be seen!

Discover pleasant and unforgettable moments during our Kérastase rituals. Rituals are designed to meet all your wishes and needs of even the most demanding hair. During the visit, be guided by your hairdresser, who will have your scalp and hair professionally diagnosed to determine the most appropriate care for your hair. With a beneficial hair massage, you will feel reborn.

You can choose from these rituals:

Ritual Chronologiste

Revitalizes the scalp and slows down the aging process of the scalp.

  • (45min)

Ritual Chroma Absolu

Maintains both the dream color and shine as well as healthy and well-groomed hair.

  • (5min)

Treatment K-water

Gives hair instant shine and softness for every important occasion.

  • (2min)

Ritual Genesis

Detoxifies the scalp, promotes hair growth and firmness is ideal as a prevention against hair loss.

  • (5min)

Ritual Extentioniste

Suitable for hair with torn lengths or frayed ends, promotes faster hair growth.

  • (10min)

Ritual Specifique

For problematic scalp (prevention of hair loss and thinning, activation of stem cells to support growth, problem of oily hair, dandruff).

  • (5min)

Ritual Masquargil

Deep cleansing peel that thoroughly cleanses the scalp and hair.

  • (5min)

Ritual Densifique pro muže

Prevention against hair loss, support of hair density, solves problems with dandruff or oily skin.

  • (3min)

Price for all rituals: 450 – 2000 Kč


Micromist is a device that uses ultrasonic waves to reduce water molecules to micromolecules, which can then easily get inside the hair. That way it maximizes the effects of deep care hair regeneration. Micromist rituals consist of using Kérastase Paris care products and a scalp massage followed by the procedure with the device.

  • Price: 650 – 2000 CZK