The combination of deep conditioning with massage and little help from hair brands such as Kérastase Paris, K18 or Authentic Beauty Concept is introducing new salon rituals for every type of hair and scalp. We offer rituals for richness, strength, unruly hair, rejuvenating scalp or even enhancing and fixating of hair colour and many more. We will be more than happy to help you choose the best ritual for yourself based on hair and scalp diagnosis.

Authentic beauty Concept - Scalp Detox

Hair care from roots to ends

This detox care with concentrated vitamin C gets rid of impurities left in your hair - such as dust, residual styling products or minerals from hard water which makes your hair dull and heavy. Detox care is also good for reviving blond colours – green hue from swimming pools, copper hue to beautiful blond colour with shine.

  • 750 CZK

K18 treatment

For all types of hair, for every generation!

K18 contains revolutionary peptide which can put together again disulphide bonds, I. e. to resurrect a hair almost to original healthy state. Patented care from K18 is not merely a temporary solution – it is the first product which uses biomimetics to reconnect the keratin chains after it had been impaired by bleaching, colouring and by chemical treatments. It will restore softness, smoothness and hair strength and it will add unprecedented flexibility. The more damaged hair the bigger - the result you can expect.

  • od 450 CZK

Your hair is yourself, allow yourself to be seen!

Discover pleasant and unforgettable moments during our rituals by Kérastase Paris and Authentic Beauty Concept. Rituals are designed to fulfil all your wishes and needs even if your hair are very difficult. Let your hairstylist lead you through the unique experience during which they will do thorough diagnosis of your hair and scalp to assure the best possible care specific for your hair. You will feel resurrected after each ritual.

You can choose from ritual by Kérastase Paris:

Ritual Chronologiste

Revitalizes the scalp and slows down the aging process of the scalp.

  • (45min)

Ritual Chroma Absolu

It maintains both the dream color and shine, as well as healthy and repaired hair.

  • (5min)

K-WATER treatment

Gives hair instant shine and softness for any special occasion.

  • (2min)

Ritual Genesis

It detoxifies the scalp, promotes hair growth and strength, is ideal as a prevention against hair loss.

  • (5min)

Ritual Masquargil

A deep cleansing treatment that thoroughly cleanses the scalp and hair.

  • (5min)

Ritual Specifique

For problematic scalp (prevention of hair loss and thinning, activation of stem cells to promote growth, problem of oily hair, dandruff).

  • (5min)

Ritual Densifique for men

A ritual to increase hair density.

  • (3min)

Approximate price of all rituals: 450 – 2000 Kč.

Rituals with Vapomist

Vapomist serves to support the health of the scalp and hair, as well as to stimulate their growth. The positive effect of hot steam on the hair and scalp supports the experience of relaxation, thanks to the massage chair and relaxed body position. Along with hot steam, specific cosmetic products are used, in accordance with the needs of the client's hair. Hot steam acts on the hair, which promotes deep cleansing, removal of smog residues, toxins and sebum. It improves hair health, stimulates their growth, promotes blood microcirculation.

  • Price: 650 – 2000 Kč